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The Vehicle History Report is a concise report on the service life of a vehicle which presents its past based on the VIN number.The report consists of several sections organised in a clear and legible time-ordered linear layout. It allows verifying the vehicle history via the VIN, which might impact the quality of the selected vehicle. It’s one of the most important elements which the buyer should get acquainted with before purchasing a car. Already during browsing the purchase/sale offers, it’s worth getting acquainted with an autoDNA report in order to filter the good-quality cars from the so-called lemon car(cars with defects and hidden salvage past). Information included in the report improves the transparency of the automotive industry and raises its level to the world-class one.

Prior information

Prior information The first section of the report consists of information necessary to identify the timeliness of the report, the VIN number of the vehicle and its history. You can also find there data concerning the brand and the model of the vehicle, as well as the date for which the presented data is valid. There’s also information about the age of the vehicle based on the model year or the manufacture date, and the first registration date. It’s worth keeping in mind that aside from the cars manufactured on-demand which are registered right after being manufactured in a car dealership, there are also available popular engine versions and trim levels in colours often selected by customers (e.g. silver metallic, red, white). Such cars usually await the customer, so 3-4 months of delay between the manufacture date and the first registration date is nothing uncommon. However, a difference bigger than half a year should arouse more alertness. In this section of the report includes also the average mileage in approximate values, calculated on the basis of vehicles with similar characteristics. Thanks to the pioneer solution consisting in placing the QR code at the top of the report, viewing the report online and expanding the range of information with vehicle history are facilitated. The QR code can in an easy way provide the base for discussion between the seller and the potential buyer.

Notification center

Summary of the report contain all the available data of the used vehicle.

The Notification Center allows in an easy way checking the content of the report for a particular VIN number, as it contains the most important notifications concerning the vehicle history. The data is presented in a simple and legible form, comprehensive already on the level of the visual reception. You can find there the number of entries of each section, for which a notification of a particular character is assigned, which is intuitive already “at first glance”. It facilitates understanding quickly the notification and possible detailed analysis and evaluation of a given section. In the Notification Center, you can find e.g.: results of the stolen vehicle database search, service actions, mileage readings, pricing history, damage history, equipment, archive photos, information about the vehicle, usage log, VIN correctness.

Information about vehicle

Here you can find main information about the vehicle you would like to check.
Based on the vehicle VIN number, our system verifies such information as, e.g. make, model, vehicle type, body, engine type, manufacturer's country, model year, production year, transmission type, steering system type and many other.
Depending on which information is encoded by the manufacturer in the VIN number, this part of the report will present all or part of them. In this section you can also find information about VIN correctness. In case of some manufacturers it is possible to check the correctness of the VIN number (according to ISO standard) and the check digit. However, some of the manufacturers do not provide such a possibility. In such a case we communicate after a free check "Information - unavailable"

Stolen Vehicle Database

Stolen vehicle database contains information about specific countries, where the car you are checking could have been reported as stolen.
Both number of countries and institutions, where we verify if the vehicle has been stolen is constantly growing. All the results should be treated only as an information. autoDNA service cannot guarantee that the information about theft or its lack is uncontested. Please, find it only as a tip and, regardless of the result, have the vehicle checked by government institution (incl. Police) or independent expert.
Remember - if you have noticed, that the vehicle you are checking is reported as stolen, please consult this obligatory with the police.

Manufacturers Recalls

Here we present the information regarding manufacturers recalls. In case of reporting such recalls, our report shows what can be the problem, effects and potential fix to be done in Authorized Service Point (the vehicle should have such fix in its history). We also present the production date of the vehicle which has to be covered by remedial action.

autoDNA is the only service on the market presenting all the information according to points described above.

We are partners with international operator - Traffic Safety and Transport Supervision Agency, namely the operator of one of the biggest manufacturer's servicing databases (VOSA). Please, note, that we always indicate the source of information. The information could have been submitted to two different organizations like VOSA and Polish UOKIK (Consumer and Competition Protection Office) at the same time, but only in the case of the latter we appoint the information source.

Vehicle History

The Vehicle history section contains a concise report on the service life of a vehicle. It’s presented in a synthetic way in the form of a clear timeline showing chronologically events along with dates and annotated facts from the vehicle history. The facts are the events (a sequence of changes) which took place in a particular location and at a particular time in the past. In this section, you can find events consisting of information about the mileage readings, registering, unregistering, completed periodical technical checks, noted vehicle damage, failures, and vehicle usage, e.g. as a taxi. The Vehicle history section allows quickly and efficiently identifying potential problems and risks connected with a second-hand vehicle. The events concerning the vehicle might be presented in the following forms: descriptions, icons, graphical presentation of the damage zone.

Last Enquiries

This section presents information about frequency, time and localization of checks on the vehicle. Such a knowledge is valuable for the potential purchaser, since he knows who and when was interested in the vehicle. The vehicle could have been offered for sale or someone wanted to buy it in a given time. If such transaction has not been finalized, you should be interested in who and why could have been interested in the vehicle.


Here you can find the information regarding the equipment of your vehicle. The information will be presented in the report depending on their availability in our system.

The information that may be presented is:

  • upholstery color,
  • chassis - lacquer color,
  • trim information - that is if moldings, bumpers, mirrors, door handles are in the same color as body or not,
  • glass color,
  • A/C type,
  • navigation or audio system type,
  • heated and folding mirrors,
  • electric windows,
  • number of airbags, etc.

It is worth to verify such information before buying a used car. Check exactly what pieces of equipment are on the report and compare them with currently installed on the vehicle. Here some examples: glass color before the vehicle is bought, since if the vehicle had an accident, the new glass is not original one or taken from another vehicle to save the money and its color may then vary. A similar situation may occur, for example in case of mirrors. See what have been installed in the original, whether they are folded, electrically operated and heated.

It is also worth checking if the vehicle actually does not have additional equipment such as "auxiliary electric windows" or other elements, which were not included at the production stage.

Vehicle Archive Photos

Here you will find the image gallery of the checked vehicle. In special cases the images may be repeated if the owner shared the images with various entities. You should pay attention to the fact, that the presented vehicle has been staying for sale for a long time without any success. Moreover, take notice that in some cases the photos present damaged vehicle advertised currently as accident-free.

Please note - if the free check does not provide any images of the vehicle, the paid report will not include any either.

QR code

The autoDNA Vehicle History Report is also saved in the form of a QR code (Quick Response code). A QR code is a modular (black and white) and two-dimensional (matrix barcode) code which links to a particular report for a given VIN number.

A QR code is part of the report and it’s also send along with the report in a separate file (in pdf or jpg formats) after purchase. It can be used on the automotive advertisements websites and in the social media. It can be stick on a car side window on its the left or right side. Thanks to this solution, the car, while driven on the road, is available for checking by potential buyers in a simple, safe and quick way.

The QR code allows accessing and browsing the report quickly, and it also allows expanding the range of vehicle online and offline sale offers with vehicle history.

It’s an innovative and pioneer solution for the automotive market, first time introduced by autoDNA. A person potentially interested in the car is able to scan the QR code in the sale offer, as well as directly on the vehicle on which such QR code has been placed.

This modern function aims to support the transparent automotive market and raise its level to the world-class one.

Customer Reviews about the report

Great respect, dear autoDNA – I only spent a few € but saved more than a thousand on NOT buying a car that was meant to have 170,000 km on the odometer but turned out to have a 100,000 km more! Thanks a million – and respect!
- B-r9
awesome all information
- jose
AutoDNA offered an excellent service, providing me with evidence that the odometer was manipulated and even a number of pictures of the car from a rental company that clearly showed the higher odometer. The service is great and saved me from buying a car with over 100,000 km more than stated. My only suggestion would be to further increase the coverage with more country-level databases. Would never buy a used car without checking here first.
- Lorenzo

AUTODNA gathers information from various of sources including public Internet sources through own expert system and presents it in the form of online report history. The amount of data in the report depends on the particular VIN number. The type and amount of information contained in the report is always presented before the purchase.

The information presented in the reports is a collection of information gathered by AUTODNA expert system and may duplicate initial errors. AUTODNA is doing their best to eliminate them.

Please remember: Vehicle history reports of autoDNA and information included shall be treated merely as a tip and should be an essential step when buying/selling a vehicle. The information gathered in the report should be verified with authorized service point and by automotive experts.

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